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Some examples of VALYSCO missions :

1) A global biopharmaceutical Company, developing a new vaccine must, in order to fulfil the development timeline, accelerate decision making with formulation and manufacturing process.

VALYSCO , involving the operational managers of the concerned dpts, from different industrial sites, establishes multi-disciplinary working groups (R&D, scaling up, manufacturing, Regulatory., Clinical trials, marketing), coordinates various scenarios and to make a final recommendation which is submitted and approved by the Company managers...

Avoiding any delay in the development program.


2) A global pharmaceutical Company needs to improve its level of understanding of competition to challenge its development strategy and diversify its portfolio activities.

VALYSCO intervenes to assess the strategy of competitors and to identify new business opportunities.

Strengthening the Company strategy.


3) A biopharmaceutical organization decides to review its organization*.

Together with an international consulting group bringing its methodology, VALYSCO ,with its professional experience, intervenes to assess the current organization and to propose and implement organization optimization.

Improving the company efficiency.



4) A Biotech Company has invented and wants to develop a new break-through Technology in the field of Immunological Diagnostics.

VALYSCO intervenes to assist in the development project and in the strategic positioning for this new Technology,

Allowing the Manager to optimize « resources and time to market ».


5) A Biotech Company wants to maximize the potential for a new Technology in the field of Agriculture and for vaccine and diagnostics applications.

VALYSCO challenges the Technology, positioning it to comparable technologies,

Assessing the potential developments in the various fields.


6) A US based Diagnostics Co, following a change in its strategy, decides to discontinue its European operation.

VALYSCO  intervenes, together with the Co lawyers, to  wind up the European subsidiary,

Solving  business and social issues.


7) A Venture Capital group wants to thoroughly assess the potential of Biotech Co, before a possible investment

VALYSCO together with the VC partner have spend two days within the company to globally assess the Co (Project, organization, HR,……..).

Contributing to a better global understanding of the  Biotech situation.


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